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“It’s hard to believe that very shortly I’m going to have to be making these really difficult decisions.I have an 8-year old daughter, and an 84-year-old mother. I still feel like I’m 18!. I am so glad for this site.”

Dr. Nancy K., Optician, 52,
Brooklyn, New York

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Will You Have Enough Money to Retire "Comfortably"?
Even if recent events had not happened the baby boomer's retirement will mean basement stock - 401K - values as everybody wants out.

TCU symposium focuses on healthy aging for baby boomers
Today, 51 years later, topics and issues for those aging in American society are more important than ever as the baby boomer generation, those born between ...

The Older Audience Is Looking Better Than Ever
The first boomers are turning 63 this year, and the youngest are turning 45. “It is a demographic that advertisers should be, and are, paying more attention ...

A new wave of service
All over the country, volunteering is up as laid-off workers and others coming out of retirement, many of them Baby Boomers, flock to nonprofit ...

Baby Boomers discover CoQ10 Benefits in Anti-Aging, Treatment of ...
CoQ10 is one of the most popular and fastest growing supplements in the US. With more than 8000 people in the US turning 60 every day, the growing list of ...

Baby Boomers: Blackberry a distraction
Blackberry a distraction by local Baby Boomer Examiner expert, Paul Briand.

Assisted living in Mexico for retirees and baby boomers, is Mexico ...
Sources say that there are 76 million baby boomers in the United States so 4 million retirees in Mexico over the next 10 years seems logical. ...

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